Company Profile

Aviconnect is the European and UK arm of the Leotech Group, bringing the quality and experience of over 30 years to a new market.

The Leotech Group is a Bangalore (India) based company with diversified interests in the Electrical, Telecom and in the real estate business. The group was established over 30 years ago and with over 120 man years of experience amongst the core management team. Leotech is the flagship company of Leotech Group, which was started in 1975. Leotech specializes in the electrical sector dealing with the manufacturing of Industrial Plastic Moulded products, both Compression moulded and Injection moulded components.

The company started by making compression moulding tools manufacturing insulator products for the electrical based manufacturing industries. We were able to move quickly into designing and manufacturing by using different grades of phenolic moulding powder.

We expanded our production ability working with all types of industrial plastics, from fibreglass reinforced plastics, ABS to Arnite and many others. Meeting the strict demands of our customer base on quality and competitiveness.

This enabled us to specialise in supplying products to the electrical switchgear industries, manufacturing industry standard and OEM customer specific products.

Over the next 15 years, we diversified and supplied our products to the Telecommunication, Electrical and Automobile based industries designing and manufacturing: Insulators, Relay housings, circuit breaker housing, Bus bar support, X ray tube housing, Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB), Timers, Electrical distribution fuse board. Some of the insulators, Earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB), Bus bar support and Timers, plus OEM products for our discerning client base.

We export to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and many other Countries. We have head quartered in Bangalore, India with branch offices in Chennai and Mumbai and representative offices at Kuala Lumpur, Australia, New Zealand and now the UK and Europe. Demonstrating our competency in developing and evolving the latest technology, to our ever expanding National and International clients.

Leotech is an ISO 9001-2000 Company and has extensive experience in Government and the Private sectors. Our strength is our vast experience of manufacturing in all fields, we are able to offer the latest technologically. At the same time we are able to satisfy our customer’s needs without compromising the quality, competitive and on time delivery of the product required. The manufacturing process at LEOTECH adheres to the well-defined ISO 9001 – 2000 certified company.

Our Quality Policy

The philosophy and objective of LEOTECH, an ISO 9002 company, is to ensure the utmost satisfaction of the customer in the quality of our products via their essential attributes of performance, price, delivery and service. The thrust of the management of the company is, therefore, to ensure the maintenance of the highest quality in the products right from its design stage to the delivery of the product to the customer.

The philosophy and objective of LEOTECH, an ISO 9002 company, is to ensure the utmost satisfaction of the customer in the quality of our products via their essential attributes of performance, price, delivery and service. The thrust of the management of the company is, therefore, to ensure the maintenance of the highest quality in the products right from its design stage to the delivery of the product to the customer.

As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, LEOTECH firmly believes that the quality of the product cannot be assured by inspection alone but is born at the design stage itself and is built into the product at the various stages of material input, storage, processing right up to the stage of dispatch to the customer. The organization structure, the procedures and the personnel responsible at the various stages are so designed to ensure the quality of the final product and customer satisfaction.

LEOTECH, an ISO: 9002 company strictly adheres to the various procedures and plans laid down by the ISO to ensure sustained quality at all levels of operations.

However, we give in the following paragraphs a brief description of the activities of each stage.

  1. Design:

    Headed by a qualified Design Engineer with considerable experience in the design of telecommunication equipment and equipped with the state of the art equipment, instruments and other infra-structure, the Design Office prepares the designs right from the conception of the idea to the finalized designs meeting the specifications.

    The Design Department works in close collaboration with the production and quality assurance departments.

  2. Methods Department:

    The Methods Department translates the design drawings into Work Instructions, Quality Plans and other documents enabling the production departments to manufacture. This Department also provides the work-station layouts, required jigs and fixtures, testing instruments etc. in consultation with the Production and Quality Assurance Departments.

  3. Approval of vendors/sub-contractors:

    Vendors of materials, parts, components etc. are assessed for their capability to supply to our specifications/requirements in terms of quality and delivery. The assessment is done by a team consisting of the Head of quality, design engineer and purchase representative, by visiting the manufacture’s / sub- contractor’s works wherever possible or by getting a specially designed questionnaire filled in by the vendors, which will be scrutinised by the team for suitability.

    So far as electronic components are concerned, certificates from approved testing agencies or ISO certification are also considered for quality suitability and a close watch is kept on sustained maintenance of quality. In some specific cases the customers, after extensive tests in their own laboratories, have approved the list of approved suppliers of components for use on the equipment ordered by them.

    Procurement of any material (except for consumables like cotton-waste, lubricating oil etc.) from unapproved sources is totally prohibited. The Quality Assurance Department does a continuous monitoring to verify for consistent quality of supply.

  4. Inwards Goods Department:

    Receipt of every incoming material is documented strictly in accordance with the procedure for correctness of receipt according to our Purchase Orders. Quality Plans are available for all the input materials (raw materials, fabricated parts and components) as a reference for conducting inspection. Any non-conformance from the specification is carefully studied for a decision to accept or reject. Extreme care is taken to keep the non-conformance materials segregated for further disposal. A regular feed-back is given to the vendor/sub-contractor.

    Sufficient and suitable testing instruments have been provided to the Quality Assurance Department for the quality checks of incoming materials.

    Much care is exercised while handling of the incoming materials during inspection/testing at the Inward Stage to avoid damage and deterioration of quality. Even materials supplied by the customer for integration into the product are tested and particular care is taken of such materials in storage and handling.

  5. Storage:

    Accepted materials are stored in specified locations in the respective stores. The Store-keepers take all precautions to protect the materials in store from damage and deterioration. Wherever applicable, the ‘first-in first-out’ procedure is followed.

    Quality Assurance Department does a routine inspection of the stores to ensure that the materials are well preserved.

  6. Processing:

    The manufacturing departments are equipped with the most modern machines, jigs and fixtures, inspection and testing equipment and material handling equipment.

    Whether it is the processing of materials on machines or assembly of parts and components to manufacture the sub-assemblies and final product, detailed process sheets, work instructions and quality plans have been prepared for individual parts, sub-assemblies and final assemblies and these are strictly followed. These documents are based on the drawings/specifications and standard manufacturing practices which lead to a high quality of the final product.

    A close inspection of the first-off parts/sub-assemblies, in-process inspection and testing culminating in the final inspection of the sub-assemblies/product, ensure adherence to quality at every stage of the production process and every activity is documented.

  7. Quality Assurance:

    In accordance with the accepted management principle of an independent inspection, the Quality Assurance Department comes directly under the Chief Executive Officer.

    The Quality Assurance Department, which has the prime responsibility of ensuring quality at all stages, is headed by a highly qualified manager with years of experience and assisted by a team of qualified inspection staff. The responsibilities of the QA Department include visits to the Vendors’ premises wherever necessary and possible, and to Sub-Contractors works to study the capability of the firms to meet LEOTECH’s requirements in quality, quantity and timely delivery. The assessment is reviewed periodically based on the performance of the vendors and sub-contractors and when necessary by visiting their works.

    As already stated every material which enters the factory is inspected/tested in accordance with the associated specifications and quality plans and only those that meet the requirements are accepted.

    The QA staffs have the authority to inspect the stores to ensure that the accepted materials are well preserved.

    The QA department is responsible for inspecting the ‘first-of parts before bulk production is taken up, to conduct in-process inspection and the inspection/testing of the final product. The department is responsible to oversee the packing and dispatch of the products to the customers. This ensures the correctness of the items as per the customers’ orders, adequacy of packing and the despatch details.

    The Quality Assurance Department does a continuous analysis of the non-conformance to quality at the various stages of production activity and gives feedback to the manufacturing departments and in certain cases to the Design Department.

  8. Environmental Testing:

    ncoming materials, parts and components are periodically subjected to environmental testing according to specifications to ensure their performance under various atmospheric conditions encountered in their usage. LEOTECH has equipped itself with the state of the art equipment for environmental testing. Microprocessor controlled equipment subject the items through dry heat, cold temperature cycles, humidity, salt-spray, dust cycles etc. Sub-assemblies and assemblies are subjected to life-tests on custom-built testing equipment.

    Wherever necessary, materials and products are tested at external approved testing laboratories.

    The environmental testing is carried out on samples from the production runs at periodical but programmed intervals.

  9. Calibration:

    All measuring and testing equipment are sent to approve test-houses for calibration to ensure the accuracy of measurement. The periodicity of calibration is well defined and programmed and no measuring/testing equipment without a valid calibration certificate is used for any measurement.

  10. Marketing:

    The Marketing Department, in addition to its normal function of establishing a market for our products, is responsible for customer service. All feedback from the customers regarding quality, damages, delivery and other allied points are documented and handled by Marketing in consultation with the Quality Assurance Department. This department ensures that customer complaints are attended to with speed and to the satisfaction of the customer. An analysis of the faults reported by the customers is continuously done in consultation with Quality Assurance and Production Departments to determine and eliminate the causes of such defects.

  11. Management Reviews:

    The Chief Executive Officer holds a review meeting with the heads of the departments to discuss various subjects pertaining to the manufacturing activities. The main focus is the maintenance of the quality of our products and customer satisfaction. These meetings held in accordance with a set time-table ensures that the Quality Assurance Systems are well within the policy of the company.

    The above brief description of the working processes of the company fully demonstrates the policy and commitment to quality of LEOTECH to assure the customer receives products of proven quality and service.

Technical Services - Tool Designing

  1. 1. Developing dies and moulds for prospective clients.>
  2. 2. Job Orders / direct orders from our Compression and Injection Moulded Units for any type of Plastic Components.
  3. 3. Developing Import Substitutes with Collaborators.
  4. 4. Development of Plastic / Plastic Substitutes component for suitable applications.
  5. 5. Development of metal components and Sub-assemblies needed.
  6. 6. Development of newer type of distribution Systems for different types of Switches in the field of Telecommunication.
  7. 7. Development of new telecom Network Products.

The TOOL Design division of LEOTECH is well equipped with work stations , design software tools and well skilled design engineers. The Design team has expertise in the utilization of latest design software tools. This division is updated in the various new trends and developments in tool design techniques.

This division caters to the design and development of various moulding tools, which are required for the In house requirements of LEOTECH. The division is also well equipped to take up tool design project of different types of mould.

Contact Details:

Aviannegreen.com Ltd
3 Evergreen Close, Iwade, Kent, ME9 8LU. Tele: 01795 439656
Email: info@aviannegreen.com
Web: www.leotechindia.com , www.aeontele.com

Technical Services - Tool Manufacturing

This division caters to the manufacture of the various type of moulding tools. It is well equipped with the latest types of lathes, milling machines, cutting machines, CNC machining centres , Wire CUT EDM and much more. This division is well managed by an experienced and skilled workforce consisting of technically qualified engineers and workers.

Technical Services - Component Manufacturing


This shop is equipped with the compression-moulding machine of various capacities to cater to the moulding of various components. This shop basically caters to the requirements of the Electrical Division of the unit.


This shop is equipped with the latest N.C Controlled Injection Moulding machines of various capacities. This shop caters to the requirements of the Telecom Division of the group.

LEOTECH is well equipped with adequate infrastructure of NC controlled Injection and compression moulding machines of various tonnages to cater to the manufacture of the various moulding products. This is managed by our skilled and technically qualified engineers with a strong background in the new manufacturing technologies. This division is also well equipped to absorb new manufacturing technologies and principles at all times.

The manufacturing process at LEOTECH adheres to the well-defined ISO 9001 – 2000 certified company.

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