Offering a range of office hygiene products that keep busy work stations and the equipment used, clean maintaining good personal hygiene for all. Good hygiene promotes good health which helps with low absenteeism.

A clean and healthy working environment is probably the most important toll in ensuring the most valuable asset in any business is helped to be at the best of health at all times. That is you and your staff. You insure your company against unforeseen problems, you may even have maintenance agreements and warranties to protect your equipment, yet we tend to ignore the heartbeat of all of our businesses; the people that run it.


The industrial strength flannel that removes dirt and grime efficiently and quickly.

GrimeErazor MAX

Combining our best ever cleaning wipes with an effective disinfectant solution make these wipes the ideal solution. GrimeErazor Wipes have been our bestselling range of wipes, quickly removing dirt and grime from a variety of surfaces. Being primarily designed for cleaning hands, we’ve now added a fast acting anti-bacterial agent to help sanitise as well as clean the hands. Using an abrasive cloth, weighing around 45gsm, it makes for a tough wipe to combat the toughest of grime. 80 wipes per tub, 10 tubs per outer case

GrimeErazor Heavy duty

This heavy duty abrasive industrial hand wipe provides fast, easy cleaning and a cost effective solution to cleaning hands, with the added benefit of portability. GrimeErazor can be used anywhere on the toughest oils, greases and grime encountered in the work place. Each tub provides 50 perforated high strength absorbent cleaning cloths, treated with a gentle skin formulation that is tough on grease and grime. GrimeErazor is also ideal for cleaning tools, equipment engines, work in progress and spills. 50 wipes per tub, 10 tubs per case.


Larger than your average cleaning cloths, our flannels are the only anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial cleansing wipes of their type on the market. Being a hydro entangled spun lace material enhancing the collection of dirt and dust while eliminating 99% of all bacteria and more. Without the use of water, being a non-alcoholic based product, it is non-harmful to the surface of the equipment and work surfaces cleaned. (Alcohol based products can be harmful to office equipment as they can break down the strength and colour of the plastics used) See screengleam

The flannels can remain moist up to 2 hours (in prime conditions) giving a wider area of cleaning more per desk. Your telephone, headset, key board, mouse and your personal desk space. It has been proven that some work places, even those that are only used by one person, can be up to 1000 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. Toilet seats tend to get cleaned far more often.

Keeping a clean work area is, Cost effective, will help to increases productivity, always improves the health of staff and can help reduce absenteeism.

A bacterial clean work environment helps reduce the fear of litigation and corporate liability.

Available in our pillow pack, tubbi tub and heavi tub sizes.


Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Microbial Hand Gel With the power to kill 99.9% of known viruses germs moulds and spores at your fingertips to keep you and your environment safe from infections including MRSA, Hep B, Tuberculosis, HIV, Listeria & E-coli. Our Non sticky formula gives instant results without water, or a towel. A softening agent has been added to our gel, so it is kind to the skin when in constant use.

Available in 3 pack sizes. 50ml the convenient pocket size (stubbi tub), 100ml tubbi tub) and 500ml heavi tub. (50ml can have an added belt clip)


A universal screen cleaner, for use on both glass and all transparent plastics. The benefits of a clean screen help in the reduction of eye strain and improving the work environment.

Our screengleam does not contain any solvents, therefore it is safer to use on your screen than products that are alcohol based.

Full specification and technical details are available upon request along with full certification on each product.

All products can be white labelled and produced in your own livery, enabling you to keep a constant advertising reminder on your customer’s desks. A great product range that gives you legitimate reason to contact your customers regularly. For good repeat business and high margin come and find out more.


Aviclean can deliver a wide range of paper products that bring industrial quality and affordable prices. For all general purpose use to toilet paper. Please contact for full details and prices.

PAPER CONSUMABLES. Avigreen clean team paper products


Aviclean has been working with Treyaa Newtech Ltd in Chenni India bringing to the Indian market the best in UK manufacturing of Spill care kits that cover the Oil, Chemical and Maintenance industries. With a full range of products we are able to support Treyaa Newtech Ltd in this growing area of environmental care. Working alongside probably the best UK manufacture for these type of products and with the Tretaa Group we know that we can bring excellence across the range to all market sectors. Absorbent, Rolls, Socks, Pads, Cushions, Booms, Granules. BioCat recyclable Oil absorbents, Haz Mat Chemical absorbents, Oil spill Kits, Maintenance kits, Chemical kits, Drain closure products, Marine Pollution containment booms, Oil water separators, Oil Skimmers, Pumps, debris Booms, Marine Oils absorbents, Boom deployment accessories and so much more.

For full product information please contact Treyaa direct

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