Being part of the Leotech group and with the abilities and expertise we have, we are able to build with you a product that suits your demands and expectations of the quality of product you wish to take to market. From concept and Idea to a fully finished product our processes ensure that you have control at all times. Our in house teams include design, tool manufacture, component build to final assemble.

The wealth and potential for you the customer to use our facilities now opens up a totally new concept in having your manufacturing requirements met. Many have been put off by the difficulty in getting their ideas off the ground, the quantity demanded and the prices quoted for tooling and design, to even considering taking the first steps forward. But with our flexibility in how manufacturing is approached, we are changing the concept and ideas on how to take those projects forward. Make your good business sense and idea a reality with Aviannegreen.com Ltd.

Our company mission is to bringing a range and quality of products and services to all.

We are only limited by your imagination


Our Tool Room takes care of the total in house Tooling Requirements. This unit is equipped with the latest machinery required for the design and manufacture of all types of Tools and fixtures. With our in house Tool design facilities we are more than capable of meeting the stringent quality requirements demanded by you and our existing customers.


This shop is equipped with the latest N.C Controlled Injection Moulding machines of various capacities. This shop caters to the requirements of the Injection moulded components with capabilities from 50Tonn to 250Tonn.


We have equipped ourselves with a variety of compression moulding machines, offering varying capacities to cater to the moulding of all components.


From deign to manufacture we are able to produce the PCB boards and other electronic assembly requirements in house. To insure quality and competitiveness at all times.


Here we manufacture to our customers specification of their Panel and Bus Bar assembly, as well as wire harnessing assembly for Panels and other electrical products enabling us to keep full control over the products we are contracted to produce, making our quality control second to none.


Our R&D team is constantly looking at ways to improve the way we manufacture our or our customer’s products. This R&D team is full of qualified and experienced engineers that have between them more than 60 years’ experience in the design and development of various telecom and other electrical products within the group.


The Lab is fully equipped with the State of the Art Test Equipment that will ensure you the best of results at all times, giving our customers full peace of mind from concept to finished product. Completely Automated Test Benches for Telephones, Complete Environmental Test Facility such as Environmental Chamber, Saline Chamber, Dust Chamber etc, Mechanical Test Equipments such as UTM, Impact Test Equipment, Hardness etc.

Test Facilities for Plastic

Testing, Plating thickness analysers and more. Life test jigs for various products. HV test, IR test, Impulse test etc. for electrical tests. The list goes on.


The Tool Design team is a group of highly skilled design engineers, Whether we are designing for an in house project or for our client base we utilise the latest design software tools that we update constantly to the latest trends, developments and tool design techniques.

The Design team is experienced in the utilization of latest design software tools. This division is updated with the various new trends and developments in tool design techniques constantly. We are well equipped to design for any project of the various types of moulding tools that are required. By keeping this in house we really are in total control from start to finish.

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